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Last Updated: 1/19/2017

What's next?

So you want to write an app and publish it to the Windows Store: where do you start? If you're completely new to the UWP platform, try some of the Channel 9 videos and Microsoft Virtual Academy courses. If you are already familiar with XAML and C#, you can start reading through the topics below, or go straight to downloading some samples.

There are many tools and frameworks available to help you write apps, and many support cross-platform development. For example, if you want to write 2D games, you might want to look at Monogame. For 3D games, there's Unity, and don't forget Xamarin if your focus is mobile devices.

If you are getting started, our recommendation is that you look through the UWP topics to get a feel for the platform, and then investigate creating your user interface by using, and then customizing, XAML controls. You'll use XAML to layout your app (here's a tutorial that will walk you through it), but XAML's main strength is the use of data binding which couples the controls to the information your app wants to display: if you are new to the Windows platform, this will be an important concept to understand.

UWP and the UWP app Lifecycle

How does an app start, what happens when you start another one? Here’s the story.

UX and UI

What controls do you have at your disposal, and how can they be used? These topics explain how controls and code work together, and how you can customize them to suit the look of your app.

Data and Services

Learn about data binding, which lets your code automatically populate lists and grids. Discover how to link to external resources to get data into your apps.


Share your work with the world, make money. We’ll walk you through the process of getting your app onto the store.

Other resources

Samples, tutorials, videos, other tools and SDKs. Take it to the next level.

Windows Developer Blog

The Windows Developer Blog includes regular postings on the latest in coding techniques, project ideas, and tools. Here are some you might find useful as you explore Windows development.

Finding help in the Dev Center

The Microsoft Dev Center contains a mountain of documentation for many different tools, frameworks and platforms. When you are searching for topics and samples, you should make sure you are reading UWP specific content. How can you be sure you're reading the right content? Conceptual content, that is, non-API reference content, will have UWP in the topic's URL. API content will have a path that includes Windows Runtime APIs.

An example UWP conceptual topic

An example UWP reference topic

When using a search engine, appending "Windows app development" to your search string will more often than not lead you to UWP content.

Important Dev Center topics

Here is a list of the key sections of content in the DevCenter.

DesignDesign guidelines for UWP apps.
DevelopDetailed info and coding examples for the many of the features available to your app.
Language referenceThe programming languages available for UWP development.
GamesDeveloping games with DirectX.
Internet of ThingsBuilding your own connected devices.
PortingLeverage your Android and iOS skills to quickly make UWP apps.
Windows BridgesTools for updating older apps and iOS apps to UWP.
XamarinUse C# to write apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10.
Task snippetsReady-to-use code that accomplish small but useful tasks.
How-to topicsSample code covering specific UWP features.
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