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Audio, video, and camera

Last Updated: 9/19/2016

[ Updated for UWP apps on Windows 10. For Windows 8.x articles, see the archive ]

This section provides information about creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that capture, play back, or edit photos, videos, or audio.

CameraLists the camera features that are available for UWP apps, and links to the how-to articles that show how to use them.
Media playbackProvides information about creating UWP apps that use audio and video playback.
Detect faces in images or videosShows you how to use the FaceTracker for tracking faces over time in a sequence of video frames.
Media compositions and editingShows you how to use the APIs in the Windows.Media.Editing namespace to quickly develop apps that enable the users to create media compositions from audio and video source files.
Custom video effectsDescribes how to create a Windows Runtime component that implements the IBasicVideoEffect interface to allow you to create custom effects for video streams.
Create, edit, and save bitmap imagesExplains how to load and save image files by using the SoftwareBitmap object to represent bitmap images.
Audio device information propertiesLists the device information properties related to audio devices.
Transcode media filesShows you how to use the Windows.Media.Transcoding APIs to transcode video files from one format to another.
Process media files in the backgroundShows you how to use the MediaProcessingTrigger and a background task to process media files in the background.
Audio graphsShows you how to use the APIs in the Windows.Media.Audio namespace to create audio graphs for audio routing, mixing, and processing scenarios.
MIDIShows you how to enumerate MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices and send and receive MIDI messages from a UWP app.
Import media from a deviceDescribes how to import media from a device, including searching for available media sources, importing files such as videos, photos, and sidecar files, and deleting the imported files from the source device.
Camera-independent FlashlightShows you how to access and use a device's lamp, if one is present. Lamp functionality is managed separately from the device's camera and camera flash functionality.
Supported codecsLists the audio and video codec and format support for UWP apps.

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