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TAEF Timeouts

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

TAEF time-outs are specified in the following format: [Day.]Hour[:Minute[:Second[.FractionalSeconds]]].

For example:

Specifies a .5 second time-out.

Specifies a 45 seconds time-out.

0:20 or 0:20:0
Specifies a 20 minute time-out.

5 or 5:0 or 5:0:0
Specifies a 5 hour time-out.

1.2 or 1.2:0 or 1.2:0:0
Specifies a 1 day and 2 hour time-out.

Session Time-outs

Session time-outs can be specified for the entire execution of Te.exe when you use the /sessionTimeout option. If the time-out expires, the test session will be gracefully stopped, and the process exit code will signify that a time-out occurred.

te.exe test1.dll /sessionTimeout:0:20
The entire test session will time out after 20 minutes.

Test Time-outs

Test time-outs can be specified by applying time-out metadata to a given test assembly, class or method.

Additionally, time-out metadata values can be overridden at runtime when you use the /testTimeout option. If specified, /testTimeout sets a global test time-out for the entire execution of Te.exe.

Note: Test time-outs will be ignored when used in conjunction with /inproc.

te.exe test1.dll /testTimeout:0:0:45
Every test and setup/cleanup method will time out after 45 seconds.

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