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Lab Mode

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

By default, if a test crashes with an unhandled structured exception, the exception is reported and left for the OS-installed handler to process. This allows for JIT debugging during test development (a JIT debugger would pop-up, and allow you to investigate the crash).

For 'unattended' execution this behavior will block execution - typically leaving the JIT debugger or Windows Error Reporting UI showing. Te.exe supports the "/labMode" that doesn't hand structured exception handling off, but tears down the host process - allowing the Te.exe process to keep executing more tests, even though one or more tests in the run crash catastrophically.

Note that for '/inproc' execution the host process isn't torn down, since that would kill Te.exe and end the run. The behavior is to hand the structured exception to the OS installed handler - the same as the default behavior for out-of-process execution. This is consistent with the intent of "/inproc" - it should only be used for interactive debugging of a test.

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