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System Header Files for Storage Drivers

Last Updated: 7/30/2016

The system-supplied storage drivers include the header file scsi.h, which contains SCSI-compliant definitions for CDBs and other structures used by most SCSI-compliant drivers. This header file includes srb.h, which defines the interfaces provided by the system-supplied port drivers to next-lower storage class and filter drivers.

Operating system-independent SCSI miniport drivers, which can be designed to run both with all platforms of NT-based operating systems and with x86-only Microsoft Windows systems, include the system-supplied header files miniport.h and scsi.h, which includes srb.h.

Tape miniclass drivers include minitape.h.

Medium changer miniclass drivers include mcd.h.

Vendor-supplied class and filter drivers can also incorporate the sample files classpnp.h and classpnp.c. These files define a series of ClassXxx routines that simplify the design of class and filter drivers. However, classpnp.h and classpnp.c are only samples, and are not supported in any version of the Windows operating system. Be cautious about using these files in a production driver, because some of the structure and routine declarations in classpnp.h might not be current or might be incompatible with with the versions of Windows your driver runs in.

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