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Last Updated: 7/30/2016

The storage silo driver system meets the following requirements:

  • Targeted systems include Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

  • End-user experience for 1667 UFD devices must remain consistent with experience for legacy UFD devices.

  • Previous versions of Windows XP and Vista do not rely on modification of any existing system binaries other than USBStor.sys.

  • The storage silo driver system enables 1667 authentication class solutions while remaining flexible, serving as a platform for hardware vendor innovation. All third-party extension points are made available to vendors via user mode code.

  • Third-party applications granted non-exclusive access to silos which have not been claimed by a silo driver shall be supported.

  • Third-party UMDF drivers that claim exclusive ownership of a silo are supported. Applications or other drivers may only access the silo through this driver.

  • Third-party authentication silo drivers allow participation in the authorization workflow for an ACT. The vendor creates a UMDF driver that implements the published authentication DDI.

  • Backward compatibility allows legacy non-1667 devices to participate in platform experience that is otherwise reserved for 1667 devices.

  • The storage silo driver system manages device access on the host in accordance with Windows Group Policy. Policy may be applied at either the device or individual-silo level of granularity.

  • A dynamically changing ACL on the host grants exclusive ACT access rights to a single authorized user at a time in order to provide a secure solution that protects access to user data in a multi-user or fast user switch environment.

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