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Hardware Initialization with Storport

Last Updated: 7/30/2016

The Storport driver follows the SCSI Port driver's Plug and Play (PnP) initialization model. During the driver's DriverEntry routine, the miniport driver calls the StorPortInitialize routine with a HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA (STORPORT) structure describing the hardware it supports. Later, when the PnP manager calls the port driver's StartIo routine, the port driver calls the miniport driver's HwStorFindAdapter routine with a PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION (STORPORT) structure, followed by a call to the miniport driver's HwStorInitialize routine to initialize the adapter.

For the most part, the Storport version of the HW_INITIALIZATION_DATA structure is the same as the structure by the same name that is used with SCSI Port.

As indicated in the section Use of Mapping Buffers in the Storport I/O Model, the MapBuffers member of both HW_INITIALIZATION and PORT_CONFIGURATION_INFORMATION has a different meaning in the Storport case from that in the SCSI Port case.

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