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The driver sample file list

Last Updated: 4/22/2017

The following source files are in the src\SPB\SpbAccelerometer folder and are used to build the SpbAccelerometer.sys and SpbAccelerometer.inf files.

AccelerometerDevice.cppDevice-level methods to configure sensor, set properties, and query data.
Adxl345.hDevice's register set definition and defines
ClientManager.cppImplements the driver's client tracking logic, including arbitration of settable properties.
Device.cppWDF PnP event callbacks and helper methods
DllMain.cppDriver's entry point and exported functions for providing COM support
Driver.cppWDF driver entry event callbacks and helper methods
Internal.hCommon includes
makefile.incDefines custom build actions. Includes the conversion of the .INX file into a .INF file.
Queue.cppImplementation of IQueueCallbackDeviceIoControl.
ReportManager.cppMaintains the driver's report interval.
Request.idlDefines the request interface for communicating with the sensor device.
SensorDdi.cppImplementation of the sensor driver callback interface, ISensorDriver.
SensorDevice.idlDefines the interface between the sensor DDI and the sensor device implementations.
sourcesLists source files and build options
sources.depDefines build dependencies
SpbAccelerometer.aslSample ASL file for a peripheral device node. It declares I2C and GPIO interrupt resources. Note that each macro specifies an ACPI path to describe direct dependencies.
SpbAccelerometer.ctlDeclaration of driver's tracing GUID
SpbAccelerometer.defDeclaration of exported functions for providing COM support
SpbAccelerometer.idlDriver's library interface file
SpbAccelerometer.inxDescribes the installation of the driver. The build process converts this into a .INF.
SpbAccelerometer.rcResource file
SpbRequest.cppImplementation of register-based device accesses via SPB.
Trace.hSets up WPP tracing.

SpbAccelerometer driver sample

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