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Pscript Components

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

Pscript components consist of DLLs, plus text and binary data files, as illustrated in the following diagram:

diagram illustrating that pscript components consist of dlls, plus text and binary data files

Components in the diagram include:

A user application, such as a word processor, that provides users with printing capabilities.

User-mode DLL that exports Win32 GDI functions.

Kernel-Mode Graphics Engine
NT-based operating system executive code that implements GDI functionality.

Minidriver Text Files
Text-based Pscript minidrivers, created using PPD files.

Binary Data Files
Temporary files (with a .bpd extension) that Pscript creates after parsing information contained in minidriver text files.

Pscript user interface DLL, providing common UI code for all Pscript-supported printers.

User Interface Plug-In
Optional, printer-specific, user interface plug-in.

CPSUI user interface for printers.

Pscript renderer, which handles text output and renders images, then sends the text and image data to the print spooler.

Rendering Plug-In
Optional, printer-specific, rendering plug-in.

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