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Printer Minidriver Changes

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

The printer minidriver consists of a printer description file (GPD, PPD, or GDL file), together with optional user interface (UI) plug-ins, rendering plug-ins, and rendering filters. For in-box inclusion, only one UI plug-in is permitted, and only one Unidrv or Pscript rendering plug-in is permitted. An IHV port monitor is not permitted to be included as an in-box with a printer minidriver.

For the GPD, PPD, or GDL file, there are two cases to consider:

  • Additions to a GDL file: GDL files are printer data files that supersede GPD and PPD files.

  • Modifications to existing GPD or PPD files used for a printer whose driver already ships with Windows and has a GPD file or PPD file associated with it.

The following topics describe the changes that must be made in the driver UI and in the printer data files:

UI Plug-in Changes

Adding GDL Extensions to an Existing GPD File

Adding GDL Extensions to an Existing PPD File

BidiFiles Entry in a Minidriver's INI File

Naming Conventions in Pscript and Unidrv Minidrivers

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