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Installing a PCL XL Minidriver

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

In Windows XP and later, ntprint.inf has the following [PCLXL.OEM] section:


The INF CopyFiles directive copies all of the files listed in the [PCLXL] section, as well as pcl5eres.dll, to the default destination directory. The [PCLXL] section also appears in ntprint.inf and lists the files to be copied.


Pclxl.dll contains the PCL XL UFMs and various resource strings. The other GPDs listed in this section are the PCL XL (PCL-6) support files.

To install a PCL XL printer minidriver, an OEM should add a section similar to the following in the printer-specific INF. This INF loads before ntprint.inf does.


In the preceding section, the CopyFiles directive in the first line copies the OEM's GPD file (called p6sample.gpd in this example). The entry associated with the DataSection directive in the second line (see Printer INF File Data Sections and Printer INF File Install Sections) refers to the [UNIDRV_DATA] section in ntprint.inf. The DataFile directive in the third line specifies that p6sample.gpd is the data file associated with this printer minidriver. The fourth line causes ntprint.inf to be included. The three entries in the Needs directive of the fifth line refer to the identically-named sections in ntprint.inf. This enables the INF file to gain access to the files that it loads in

For additional information about using the CopyFiles directive for printer installations, see Printer INF File CopyFiles Sections.

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