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INF InboxVersionRequired Directive

Last Updated: 4/22/2017

For package-aware drivers, you can use the InboxVersionRequired INF directive to specify a minimum acceptable version for all core drivers that the INF references. You can use the UseDriverVer keyword to specify the minimum version. This minimum version applies to all referenced core drivers in the INF.

The following example package-aware-driver section shows how you insert the InboxVersionRequired INF directive:


If the UseDriverVer keyword is used as the value for InboxVersionRequired, UseDriverVer informs the class installer to use the DriverVer directive version string from the INF that is being parsed as the minimum acceptable version of any core drivers. You must be careful when you service drivers that use the UseDriverVer keyword. All core drivers that are referenced by an INF must be the same or higher version for installation to be successful.

You can also specify specific version strings as the value for InboxVersionRequired. These version strings follow the same formatting as the DriverVer string that is specified in the INF Version Section. For more information about the DriverVer string format, see INF DriverVer Directive.

The following example shows how you set InboxVersionRequired to a specific version string:


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