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Improvements in Configuration Formats

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

Configuration formats in v4 printer drivers have been improved to allow control over copy count and punctuation substitutions.

Copy count

If a GPD-based printer driver uses an XPS-to-PCL6 rendering filter but does not support hardware copies, it must specify the *HardwareCopies directive to implement control over copy count. If the directive is set to ON, or not specified, this instructs the filter to send the appropriate PCL6 commands for hardware copies to the device, to handle multiple copies. Otherwise, if the directive is set to OFF, the filter will generate software copies.

No punctuation substitutions

Due to historical implementations using v3 printer drivers, some devices may require punctuation characters such as a period (.) or a hyphen (-) to be used in PrintCapabilities and PrintTicket implementations. The default behavior is that character substitutions will continue to occur. To configure punctuation character substitution, specify the following, root level attributes:

File typeDirectiveRequired value

V4 Driver Configuration

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