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GDL Syntax

Last Updated: 9/16/2016

The GDL parser processes a stream of GDL entries. Each entry is delimited by a linebreak sequence or a construct delimiter. The GDL stream might exist in a single file or might be constructed by a sequence of files that are logically equivalent to a stream that is contained in a single file.

There are two types of GDL entries: attributes and constructs. GDL attributes are simple pairs of keywords and values. GDL constructs contain a GDL attribute followed by a collection of data entries called a construct. A collection of constructs is separated by a series of construct delimiters.

Whitespace characters can appear between GDL entries, and comments can appear in GDL streams.

GDL uses strings to represent data.

This section includes:

GDL Attributes

GDL Contexts

GDL Constructs

GDL Whitespace Characters

GDL Comments

GDL Strings

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