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Command Attributes

Last Updated: 1/24/2017

When specifying a printer command, you use attributes to provide Unidrv with the following information:

  • The escape sequence that causes the hardware to perform the operation, if the operation is implemented in printer hardware.

  • The callback identifier and parameters required by the IPrintOemUni::CommandCallback method, if the operation is implemented in a rendering plug-in.

  • The order in which the command should be sent, relative to other commands.

The following table lists the command attributes in alphabetic order and describes their parameters.

Attribute NameAttribute ParameterComments


Positive numeric value, passed to the rendering plug-in's IPrintOemUni::CommandCallback method as its dCmdCbID argument.

Required for dynamically generated printer commands. Not valid if Cmd is specified.


Text string containing a printer command escape sequence, specified using the command string format.

Required unless CallbackID is specified.


TRUE or FALSE, indicating whether executing the command causes the printer to eject the current physical page.

Used only if Order specifies the DOC_SETUP section and if DUPLEX printing is enabled. To avoid premature page ejection between duplexed document pages, Unidrv only issues commands with this attribute set to TRUE, if possible.

Optional. If not specified, the default value is FALSE, meaning the command might cause page ejection.

Must not be TRUE if a command causes side effects (that is, if the command modifies printer settings outside of those controlled by commands with NoPageEject? set to TRUE).


Section name and order number, as described in Command Execution Order.

Valid only with configuration commands and customized option commands, unless stated in the command description.


List of standard variables, passed to the rendering plug-in's IPrintOemUni::CommandCallback method in the EXTRAPARAM structure that is passed as its pdwParams argument.

Valid only if CallbackID is also specified.

For examples, see the sample GPD files.

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