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Specifying WAN Endpoints for a WAN Adapter

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

A INF file for a WAN adapter must add a WanEndpoints value to the instance key for the adapter. WanEndpoints is a REG_DWORD value that specifies the number of endpoints (also known as channels, circuits or bearer channels) that are supported by the WAN adapter. For example, the WanEndpoints value for a basic rate interface (BRI) ISDN adapter is 2, whereas the WanEndpoints value for a primary rate interface (PRI) ISDN adapter is typically 23.

Note ISDN drivers are deprecated in Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and later.

The following is an example of an add-registry-section that adds a WanEndpoints value of 2 for a BRI ISDN adapter:

HKR,, WanEndpoints, 0x00010001, 2
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