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Specifying Bundle Membership

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

An INF file that installs Net components (physical or virtual network adapters) can specify that those network adapters belong to the same bundle of adapters. Note that NDIS intermediate drivers and filter drivers, which export virtual network adapters, are included in the Net class. An NDIS driver can use adapters that it installed to balance its workload by distributing the workload over the bundle of adapters. For more information about load balancing, see Load Balancing and Failover.

To specify that an adapter belongs to a particular bundle of adapters, the INF file for the driver that installs the adapter must contain the BundleId keyword and a case-insensitive string value (REG_SZ). This string value identifies the driver's bundle of adapters. The registry is configured using the bundle-identifier information.

The following is an example of an add-registry-section in a driver's INF file that adds the BundleId subkey to the Ndi\params key and gives the ParamDesc (parameter description) for BundleId a string value of "Bundle1".

HKR, Ndi\params\BundleId, ParamDesc, 0, "Bundle1"
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