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Remote NDIS OIDs

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

This section lists the required and optional NDIS OIDs for Remote NDIS Ethernet devices. The list takes into account the unique properties of a Remote NDIS device and the Remote NDIS miniport driver, so the list is not identical to the list that a normal NDIS connectionless miniport driver would support. Some OIDs are both set and query OIDs; if a mandatory OID is defined as both, then it must be supported by a Remote NDIS device for both REMOTE_NDIS_SET_MSG and REMOTE_NDIS_QUERY_MSG. For a detailed explanation of the OIDs, see the Microsoft Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK).

The following lists of Remote NDIS OIDs are broken down into two groups -- general OID and 802.3 specific OID. Additionally, each group includes a subsection of statistic OID queries. The general OIDs are required for any networking device.

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