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NET_LUID Values for Miniport Adapters and Filter Modules

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

NDIS registers interfaces on behalf of miniport drivers (for each miniport adapter) and filter drivers (for each filter module). A protocol driver can query NDIS for the interface index and NET_LUID value of a miniport adapter that the driver is bound to by using its binding handle. For example, the protocol-driver lower edge of a MUX intermediate driver might obtain the NET_LUID values to specify the layering order of its internal interfaces.

A protocol driver passes a binding handle at the NdisBindingHandle parameter to the NdisIfQueryBindingIfIndex function and receives interface indexes and NET_LUID values for the interfaces at the top and bottom of a filter stack. Alternatively, the protocol driver can retrieve these values in the NDIS_BIND_PARAMETERS structure.

A miniport driver can also query NDIS for the interface index of a miniport adapter by using the NDIS miniport adapter handle. A miniport driver receives an interface index and a NET_LUID value in the NDIS_MINIPORT_INIT_PARAMETERS structure.

A filter driver gets an interface index and a NET_LUID value for a filter module in the NDIS_FILTER_ATTACH_PARAMETERS structure.

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