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NDIS Port States

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

NDIS ports have operating states that include initialization states and states that are specified in the NDIS_PORT_STATE structure. Port states fit into the following categories:

Initialization states
NDIS port initialization states are associated with startup initialization and Plug and Play (PnP) events. When NDIS or a miniport driver first allocates a port, the port is in the allocated state. After NDIS or the miniport driver activates a port, the port is in the activated state. Inactive ports cannot send or receive data, make status indications, receive OID requests, or initiate PnP events.

Link states
NDIS port link states are similar to link states that are associated with a miniport adapter and that are specified in an NDIS_LINK_STATE structure. The port link states indicate the media link connection state and link speeds. The link state of a port can be different from the link state of the associated miniport adapter.

Authentication states
NDIS port authentication states indicate if a port is controlled (requires authorization), the direction of data transmission (send, receive, or both), and the authorization state of a port (authorized, or not authorized). If a port is not controlled, the authenticated and not authenticated states are ignored.

A miniport driver can activate a port or deactivate a port with a PnP event. For more information about activating and deactivating ports, see Activating NDIS Ports and Deactivating NDIS Ports.

Overlying drivers use the OID_GEN_PORT_STATE OID to get the current state of the port that is specified in the PortNumber member of the NDIS_OID_REQUEST structure. NDIS handles this OID, and miniport drivers do not receive this OID query.

Miniport drivers that support NDIS ports must use the NDIS_STATUS_PORT_STATE status indication to indicate changes in the state of an NDIS port. Miniport drivers must set the port number in the PortNumber member of the NDIS_STATUS_INDICATION structure.

NDIS and overlying drivers use the OID_GEN_PORT_AUTHENTICATION_PARAMETERS OID to set the current authentication states of an NDIS port. Miniport drivers that support NDIS ports must support this OID.

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