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NDIS Configuration Functions

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

NDIS includes the following functions to simplify driver configuration:




To obtain configuration information for an adapter, an NDIS miniport driver calls NdisOpenConfigurationEx and NdisReadConfiguration. The driver can call NdisMGetBusData to obtain bus-specific information. The driver can call NdisMSetBusData to set bus-specific information.

A protocol driver uses a registry path to an adapter name to read configuration parameters that are specific to the binding between the driver and the underlying adapter. NDIS provides the registry path in the call to the ProtocolBindAdapterEx function. The driver can pass this registry path to the NdisOpenProtocolConfiguration function or to direct registry calls. As an alternative, the driver can pass a BindParameters structure to the NdisOpenConfigurationEx function to read the same parameters.

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