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NDIS 6.0 Task Offload Porting Issues

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

This section summarizes how you can port NDIS drivers that provide offload services to NDIS 6.0. NDIS 6.0 supports the task offload services that NDIS 5.1 supports, enhances the NDIS 5.1 services, and provides additional offload services that are not included in NDIS 5.1 and earlier versions. To enable NDIS 5.1 and earlier drivers to exist in a driver stack with NDIS 6.0 drivers, NDIS provides translation services.

To port a task offload capable NDIS driver from NDIS 5.1 to NDIS 6.0, you should be familiar with the NDIS 5.1 task offload implementation. For more information about NDIS 5.1 task offload, see Task Offload (NDIS 5.1).

This section includes:

NDIS 6.0 Support for Task Offload

NDIS 6.0 Task Offload Backward Compatibility

Summary of NDIS 6.0 Task Offload Porting Issues for Protocol Drivers

Summary of NDIS 6.0 Task Offload Porting Issues for Miniport Drivers

Summary of Task Offload Support in NDIS 6.0 Filter Drivers

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