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CoNDIS WAN Operations that Support Telephonic Services

Last Updated: 9/2/2016

This section describes how CoNDIS WAN miniport drivers implement telephonic services using NDIS functions in a connection-oriented environment. CoNDIS WAN miniport drivers communicate through NDIS with the NDPROXY and NDISWAN drivers. The NDPROXY driver communicates with telephony applications through a telephony service provider. For more information, see the Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) in the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.

The following topics describe the NDPROXY driver more fully. These topics also describe how a CoNDIS WAN miniport driver registers and enumerates its TAPI capabilities, how it brings up lines, and how it sets up and closes calls that are initiated by TAPI requests:

NDPROXY Overview

CoNDIS TAPI Registration

CoNDIS TAPI Initialization

Making Outgoing Calls

Accepting Incoming Calls

CoNDIS TAPI Shutdown

Call Manager Requirements for Voice Streaming

Non-WAN-Specific Extensions to Support Telephonic Services Over Connection-Oriented NDIS

These descriptions briefly discuss the concepts embodied in TAPI, but the reader should consult the Windows SDK for details about TAPI. For more information about how TAPI models line devices and how all WAN miniport drivers should maintain the state of their connections, see Line Devices, Addresses, and Calls (NDIS 5.1) and Maintaining State Information (NDIS 5.1).

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