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Enterprise CA Test Certificate

Last Updated: 7/30/2016

An Enterprise CA test certificate is an Authenticode digital certificate that is deployed by an Enterprise certification authority (Enterprise CA) across an enterprise. As part of a public key infrastructure, a domain administrator can create an Enterprise CA to manage the enterprise-wide Authenticode certification of driver packages that are under development.

An Enterprise CA is integrated with Active Directory and publishes certificates and certificate revocation lists to Active Directory. The Enterprise CA uses information that is stored in Active Directory, including user accounts and security groups, to approve or deny certificate requests.

An Enterprise CA uses certificate templates. When a certificate is issued, the Enterprise CA uses information in the certificate template to generate a certificate with the appropriate attributes for that certificate type.

If you want to enable automated certificate approval and automatic user certificate enrollment, the Enterprise CA infrastructure must be integrated with Active Directory.

In summary, a domain administrator has to do the following to create an Enterprise CA to manage the enterprise-wide Authenticode certification of driver packages that are under development:

  • Install an Enterprise CA.

  • Create a test (code-signing) certificate template.

  • Publish the test certificate template in Active Directory.

  • Configure Group Policy to distribute the test certificates that are issued by the Enterprise CA.

Detailed information on how to configure an Enterprise CA is beyond the scope of this documentation. For complete information about how to design a public key infrastructure and installing Enterprise CA, see the Code-Signing Best Practices website,

the Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit, the Windows Server 2003 Help and Support Center, and the Public Key Infrastructures webpage of the Microsoft TechNet website. The TechNet website includes information about certificates, certificate services, and certificate templates.

Information about configuring an Enterprise CA to test-sign driver packages is also provided in the readme file Selfsign_readme.htm, which located in the src\general\build\driversigning directory of the WDK.

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