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Miscellaneous Routines

Last Updated: 7/30/2016

RDBSS includes a number of utility routines that do not fall into a particular category.

The RDBSS miscellaneous routines include the following:



This routine implements the file system driver (FSD) dispatch for RDBSS to process an I/O request packet (IRP). This routine is called by a network mini-redirector in the driver dispatch routines to initiate RDBSS processing of a request.


This routine queues the IRP specified by an RX_CONTEXT structure to the worker queue for processing by the file system process (FSP).


This routine returns a pointer to the process of the main thread used by the RDBSS kernel process.


This routine determines if a file open request was made by a user-mode client-side caching agent.

This routine is only available on Windows Server 2003.


This routine modifies the device object to make a "late device" available. A late device is one that is not created in the driver's load routine.


This routine sets up the file object name to facilitate a reparse. This routine is used by the network mini-redirectors to traverse symbolic links. This routine should not be used by network mini-redirectors.

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