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Video Miniport Driver Header Files (Windows 2000 Model)

Last Updated: 2/14/2017

Video miniport drivers in the Windows 2000 display driver model include the following header files:

File NameContents


Contains the Win32 status constants that miniport drivers return to the video port driver, which are also returned to the miniport driver's corresponding kernel-mode display driver.


Contains the macros and constants used to define I/O control codes.


Contains the basic types, constants, and structures for video (and SCSI) miniport drivers.


Contains the system-defined I/O control codes (IOCTLs) and corresponding structures that are sent in video request packets (VRPs) to video miniport drivers.


Contains the VIDEOPARAMETERS structure used to implement TV connector and copy protection support and the constants used in this structure.


Contains the VideoPortXxx and SvgaHwIoPortXxx video port function declarations, video-specific structures, such as the VIDEO_REQUEST_PACKET, and the HwVidXxx video miniport function prototypes.


Contains the AGP-specific structures, AgpXxx miniport driver function prototypes, and VideoPortXxx function declarations required to implement AGP support in a video miniport driver.

These headers are shipped with the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). For more detailed information about the functions, structures, system-defined I/O control codes, and constants in these header files, see GDI Functions.

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