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Static Driver Verifier Error Codes

Last Updated: 11/22/2016

The following table lists the error codes that Static Driver Verifier could return, and where possible, suggests methods for resolving them.

0 SDV_SUCCESSSDV encountered no errors and completed successfully.
1 SDV_COMPILER_ERRORSDV encountered errors when invoking the compiler.
2 SDV_ENGINE_ERRORSDV encountered engine errors during verification.
3 SDV_BUILD_ERRORSDV encountered errors when building the driver.
4 SDV_LINK_ERRORSDV encountered errors when linking the driver.
5 SDV_SCAN_ERRORSDV encountered errors when scanning the driver.
6 SDV_UNKNOWN_ERRORSDV encountered an error of unknown origin.
7 SDV_RULE_ERRORSDV encountered errors due to rules (for example, the specified *.slic, *.h, or *.fsm file could not be found. )
8 SDV_MSBUILD_ERRORSDV encountered an error when invoking MSBUILD.
9 SDV_INCOMPLETE_VERIFICATIONSDV did not complete the verification and writing to check_sdv.xml.
10 SDV_REFINE_ERRORSDV encountered an error when attempting to do per entry verification using the “/refine” switch.
11 SDV_CONFIG_ERRORSDV encountered an error when processing the config file specified by user.
12 SDV_MERGE_ERRORSDV encountered an error when merging results for the driver.
13 SDV_CLEAN_ERRORSDV encountered an error when attempting to clean the SDV folder in the driver sources folder.
14 SDV_CLEANLIBS_ERRORSDV encountered an error when attempting to clean libraries.
15 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_DRIVER_TYPE_ERRORSDV does not support the driver due to driver type.
16 SDV_REUSE_ERRORSDV encountered an error when reusing verification data.
17 SDV_NO_ENTRY_POINTS_FOUND_ERRORSDV could not discover any entry points in the driver. Make sure that the driver has declared at least one entry point see Using Function Role Type Declarations.
18 SDV_FINALCOMPILE_ERRORSDV encountered an error during the final compile stage of SDV.
19 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_LOC_ERRORSDV does not support this driver due to driver size.
20 SDV_LIBRARY_VERSION_ERRORSDV could not use the processed library because it was generated using a different version of SDV.
21 SDV_RESERVED_NAME_ERRORSDV could not process the driver/library because a reserved name is used by the driver/library.
22 SDV_FILENAME_ERRORSDV could not process the source files of the driver/library because of the filenames. Spaces and other special characters are not allowed.
23 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_MODEL_VERSION_ERRORSDV does not support this version of the driver type, but only the latest versions.
24 SDV_ENVIRONMENT_ERRORSDV encountered an error trying to detect/set the environment. Please ensure that a complete WDK is installed on the system.
25 SDV_CORRUPT_DATACorrupt SDV data is present in the driver sources folder. Please clean and restart verification.
26 SDV_DRIVER_SOURCES_ERRORSDV encountered an error when loading the driver sources or project file.
27 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_ENIRONMENTSDV does not support the specified environment.
28 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_LINKER_SWITCH_ERRORThe switches passed to the linker are not supported by the current version of Visual Studio. Static Driver Verifier is supported in Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.
29 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_CONFIGURATION_ERRORSDV does not support the specified configuration. Please make sure that the selected configuration is a non-debug configuration.
30 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM_ERRORSDV does not support the specified platform. Please make sure that the selected platform is a Win32, x64, or arm platform.
31SDV_UNSUPPORTED_PLATFORM_TOOLSET_ERRORSDV does not support the specified platform toolset.
32 SDV_UNSUPPORTED_SWITCHSDV does not support the given command. Please check and try again. Consult SDV documentation for a list of supported commands.

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