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/Clear Switch

Last Updated: 4/22/2017

The /Clear switch of the Enhanced Storage Certificate Management tool removes most of the certificates from the authentication silo certificate (ASC) store on a specified IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage device.

Note In this topic, the specified IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage device is referred to as the target device.

    EhStorCertMgrCmd /Clear  -Volume:


The volume name of the target device. For more information about the format of this parameter, see Overview of the Enhanced Storage Certificate Management Tool.

Note To produce a list of the volume names of the IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage devices that are currently connected to a computer, type EhStorCertMgrCmd /List at the command prompt and then press Enter.


The /Clear switch clears all certificates from the target device except for following certificates:

  • The provisioning certificate (PCp). To remove the PCp certificate, you must use the /Initialize switch.

  • The ASC-manufacturer certificate (ASCm).

    Note The Enhanced Storage Certificate Management tool cannot add, remove, or replace the ASC-manufacturer (ASCm) certificate from the ASC store in the target device.

In order to clear a certificate from the target device, the device must have been provisioned with a PCp certificate, and the private key of that certificate must reside in the host in order to pass administrative authentication with the device.


The following example shows how to clear certificates from a target device:

EhStorCertMgrCmd /Clear -Volume:"\\?\usbstor#ieee1667control&ven_&prod_&rev_#123456789&0&control#{4f40006f-b933-4550-b532-2b58cee614d3}"

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