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Counters Manifest Preprocessor Properties for Driver Projects

Last Updated: 7/30/2016

Sets the properties for the CTRPP tool that parses and validates your counters manifest. For information about working with performance counters, see Performance Counters. For information about using performance counters in a kernel-mode Windows driver, see Kernel Mode Performance Monitoring.

Setting the Counters Manifest Preprocessor properties for driver projects

  1. Open the property pages for your driver project. Right-click the driver project in Solution Explorer and select Properties.
  2. In the property pages for the driver project, click Configuration Properties and then click Counters Manifest Preprocessor Properties.
  3. Set the properties for the project.

If you want to add this property page to your project so that you can run the CTRPP tool during the build process, see the WDK and Visual Studio build environment and the Ctrpp task.


Add Prefix

Specifies the prefix to use for the global variables and functions defined in the generated header file (same as the -prefix command option.)

Additional Options

Specifies additional options to the CTRPP tool.

Backward Compatibility

Generates code that is binary compatible with versions of Windows prior to Windows 7 (same as the -backcompat command option).

Enable Legacy

Reverts to generating code using Windows Vista code templates. This option causes CTRPP to generate four output files: two header files (.h, _r.h), a resource file (.rc), and a source code file (c). (-legacy)

Generate header file for containing counter names and GUIDs

Creates a header file that assigns symbols to the counter set names and GUIDs for each counter set in the manifest.

Generate header file for provider

Specifies the name of the header file that the tool generates. If you do not specify a path, the file is generated in the current folder.

Generate Memory Routines

Generate memory allocation/free routine templates. (-MemoryRoutines)

Generate Notification Callback

Generate customized notification callback template. (-NotificationCallback )

Generate resource file

Specifies the name of the resource file that the tool generates. If you do not specify a path, the file is generated in the current folder.

Generate Summary Global File

Generates a binary counter file per provider. (-summarypath)

Generates a summary global file GenSumResource.BIN.

Generated Counter Files Path

Specifies the path to generate binary counter files. (-sumPathpath)

If no path is specified, the current directory is used.

Header File Name For Counter

Generates a header file for containing counter names and ids. (-chfilename)

Header FileName For Provider

Generates a header file for the provider. It replaces the default name. (-ofilename)

Resource File Name

Specifies the name for the resource file. This replaces the default name. (-rcfilename)


The default names of the files that the tool generates are based on the name of the manifest file that you pass to the CTRPP tool.

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