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WDM Audio Extensions to Legacy Windows Multimedia APIs

Last Updated: 10/10/2016

Recent versions of Windows have extended the audio functions in the Windows multimedia APIs aux, midiIn, midiOut, mixer, waveIn, and waveOut to output information about the status and capabilities of WDM audio drivers.

The auxGetDevCaps, midiInGetDevCaps, midiOutGetDevCaps, mixerGetDevCaps, waveInGetDevCaps, and waveOutGetDevCaps functions can retrieve driver-specific information that uniquely identifies an audio device.

The Windows multimedia functions waveInMessage, waveOutMessage, midiInMessage, midiOutMessage, and mixerMessage can retrieve the device interface name of a wave, MIDI, or mixer device. In addition, the midiOutMessage, waveInMessage, and waveOutMessage functions can retrieve the device IDs of the preferred audio devices for wave I/O, MIDI, and voice communications.

The following topics are discussed in this section:

Extended Capabilities from a WDM Audio Driver

System-Intercepted Device Messages

Accessing the Preferred Device ID

Preferred Voice-Communications Device ID

Obtaining a Device Interface Name

Music Technology GUIDs

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