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Windows ADK IoT Core Add-ons: contents

Last Updated: 12/6/2016

The Windows 10 IoT Core ADK Add-Ons include OEM-specific tools to create images for your IoT Core devices with your apps, board support packages (BSPs), settings, drivers, and features.

The IoT Core manufacturing guide walks you through building images with these tools.

Root folder


This is the output directory where the build contents are stored. It starts as empty.

Common files

Source files for packages that are common to all architectures.

  • Custom.Cmd: Package to include the oemcustomization cmd. This is product-specific and picks up the input file from product directory. This also makes an registry entry with the product name.

  • Device.SystemInformation: Package to add the System product name and manufacturer name to the image.

  • DeviceLayout.GPT4GB: Package with GPT drive/partition layout for UEFI-based devices with 4GB drives.

  • DeviceLayout.GPT2GB: Package with GPT drive/partition layout for UEFI-based devices with 2GB drives.

  • DeviceLayout.MBR4GB: Package with MBR drive/partition layout for legacy BIOS-based devices with 4GB drives.

  • DeviceLayout.MBR2GB: Package with MBR drive/partition layout for legacy BIOS-based devices with 2GB drives.

  • ImageSettings.CrashSettings: Package with settings for system crashes. Replaces the previous package: Registry.CrashSettings.

  • ImageSettings.VideoMode: Package with settings for headed or headless video mode.

  • OemTools.InstallTools: Package that automatically installs OEM apps found in the C:\OEMApps folder.

  • Provisioning.Auto: Package used to add a provisioning package to an image. This is product specific and picks up the input ppkg file from the product directory.

  • Provisioning.Manual: Package for manual provisioning. This depends on Custom.Cmd for triggering the provisioning.

  • Registry.Version: Package containing registry settings with product and version information.

  • Settings.HotKey: Sample package to demonstrate how to add a registry setting to an image. This setting changes the values of the left Windows key, right Windows key, and the Alt+Right Windows key to act as the Home key.

  • OEMCommonFM.xml: Feature manifest for OEM Common packages.

Source (Source-arm, Source-x64, Source-x86)

Source files for packages that are specific to an architecture.


Source files to create board support packages (BSPs).

Some BSPs are included in each folder as a start. You can create your own BSPs based on these packages.


  • Appx.Main: Sample package for Appx installation, shows system and network info. You can replace it with your own app.

  • Drivers.GPIO: Sample package for a driver.

  • OEMFM.xml: Feature manifest for OEM packages

  • versioninfo.txt: Current version number. Used for updating IoT Core apps.


Source file for product configurations. Use our samples (SampleA, SampleB, SampleC) or create your own.


Source files for app packages updates. It starts with two samples: Update1 and Update2.

  • UpdateVersions.txt: Log of version numbers used so far.


Includes templates used by the IoT Core Add-ons command-line options to create new packages and BSPs.


Includes the IoT Core Add-ons command-line options.

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