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HTML font fallback behavior

Last Updated: 1/11/2017


Clients - Windows 8.1 Servers - Windows Server 2012 R2


Microsoft is updating the logic for UI fonts for several languages in Windows Store apps using HTML. Rather than using a single font for all languages, the UI font will now be determined on a per language basis. For example, UI fonts for Japanese will now be Meiryo UI in apps that use HTML.


Apps that depended on an old font may look different; while your app appearance will be improved overall thanks to more readable fonts, there could be an issue with layouts that depend on pixel-perfect content sizes. For example, some lines of content may be bigger than they were previously, causing unexpected line breaks and/or resizing of container elements. However, in practice we haven’t noticed any issues with any existing apps.


Affected apps can mitigate this behavior by specifying a given font via CSS (for example, “font-family: Meiryo UI”) instead of relying on the old default fonts. The following table provides the UI font for each of the script names.

Script NameUI Font
ArabicSegoe UI
ArmenianSegoe UI
BengaliNirmala UI
BopomofoMicrosoft JhengHei UI
BrailleSegoe UI Symbol
BugineseLeelawadee UI
Canadian SyllabicsGadugi
CopticSegoe UI Symbol
Han (Simplified)Microsoft YaHei UI
Han (Traditional)Microsoft JhengHei UI
CyrillicSegoe UI
DevanagariNirmala UI
DeseretSegoe UI Symbol
GeorgianSegoe UI
GlagoliticSegoe UI Symbol
GothicSegoe UI Symbol
GreekSegoe UI
GujaratiNirmala UI
GurmukhiNirmala UI
HebrewSegoe UI
Old ItalicSegoe UI Symbol
JavaneseJavanese Text
JapaneseMeiryo UI
KannadaMirmala UI
KhmerLeelawadee UI
KoreanMalgun Gothic
LatinSegoe UI
MalayalamNirmala UI
MongolianMongolian Baiti
MyanmarMyanmar Text
OghamSegoe UI Symbol
Ol ChikiNirmala UI
Old TurkicSegoe UI Symbol
OriyaNirmala UI
Phags-paMicrosoft PhagsPa
RunicSegoe UI Symbol
Sora SompengNirmala UI
SinhalaNirmala UI
SyriacEstrangelo Edessa
Tai LeMicrosoft Tai Le
New Tai LueMicrosoft New Tai Lue
TamilNirmala UI
TeluguNirmala UI
ThaanaMV Boli
ThaiLeelawadee UI
TibetanMicrosoft Himalaya
YiMicrosoft Yi Baiti
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