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Microsoft.FSharp.Core.CompilerServices Namespace (F#)

Den Delimarsky|Last Updated: 8/18/2017
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This namespace contains some internal functions for use by the F# compiler, and also types for implementing type providers.

Namespace/Module Path: Microsoft.FSharp.Core.CompilerServices

Assembly: FSharp.Core (in FSharp.Core.dll)


namespace Microsoft.FSharp.Core.CompilerServices


module RuntimeHelpersA group of functions used as part of the compiled representation of F# sequence expressions.

Type Definitions

type GeneratedSequenceBase<'T>The F# compiler emits implementations of this type for compiled sequence expressions.
type IProvidedNamespaceRepresents a namespace generated by a type provider.
type ITypeProviderType providers implement this interface in order to be recognized by the compiler as an F# type provider. The implementation of this interface determines the public interface and behavior of the type provider.
type MeasureInverse<'Measure>Represents the inverse of a measure expressions when returned as a generic argument of a provided type.
type MeasureOneRepresents the '1' measure expression when returned as a generic argument of a provided type.
type MeasureProduct<'Measure1,'Measure2>Represents the product of two measure expressions when returned as a generic argument of a provided type.
type TypeProviderAssemblyAttributePlace attribute on runtime assembly to indicate that there is a corresponding design-time assembly that contains a type provider. Runtime and designer assembly may be the same.
type TypeProviderAttributePlace on a class that implements ITypeProvider to extend the compiler
type TypeProviderConfigIf the class that implements ITypeProvider has a constructor that accepts TypeProviderConfig then it will be constructed with an instance of TypeProviderConfig.
type TypeProviderDefinitionLocationAttribute
type TypeProviderEditorHideMethodsAttributeIndicates that a code editor should hide all System.Object methods from the intellisense menus for instances of a provided type
type TypeProviderXmlDocAttributeThe TypeProviderXmlDocAttribute attribute can be added to types and members. The language service will display the CommentText property from the attribute in the appropriate place when the user hovers over a type or member.

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