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Publishing Overview

Updated: February 12, 2014


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This article is for anyone who has data or a Microsoft Azure application or Azure service they want to publish on the Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) or Azure Store. This topic gives you an overview of the publishing process and how you get paid.

Once you Register as a Publisher you can start the process to publish your data or Azure application or Azure service.

The processes for publishing your data or publishing your Azure application or Azure service are similar, though not identical.

There are four phases in the process to get your offering published – Draft, Submitted, Approved, and Published.

During the draft phase you provide Microsoft with the information they need to approve your offering – contact information, offering details, offering variants, and how to connect to the offering.

Once you complete the draft of your data complete and ready to go, you submit it to the Marketplace team for approval. Normally this process takes about a week during which members of the WAM team review and test your draft offering.

After your draft offering is reviewed and everything is in order it is approved for publishing. After you receive approval of your offering you may publish it.

When you elect to publish your offering it is listed along with the other data offerings on the Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM) site and/or the Windows Store where anyone with a Live ID can subscribe to it.

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