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Change a Virtual Network Gateway Routing Type

Updated: April 14, 2015

If you need to change a virtual network gateway routing type, from static to dynamic or dynamic to static, you’ll delete the existing gateway, and then recreate it with the new routing type. You don’t need to delete the entire virtual network in order to change the gateway routing type.

For example, if you created your virtual network gateway as a static routing gateway for your site-to-site VPN and you later want to add point-to-site connectivity, delete and recreate your virtual network gateway as a dynamic routing gateway. Be sure to verify that your VPN device will support the routing type that you want to use. To download new routing configuration templates and check VPN device requirements, see About VPN Devices for Virtual Network Connectivity.

When you delete a virtual network gateway, the VIP assigned to the gateway is released. When you recreate the gateway, a new VIP will be assigned to it.

  1. Delete the existing virtual network gateway.

    On the Dashboard page for your virtual network, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Delete Gateway. Wait for the notification that the gateway has been deleted. When you receive notification on the screen that your gateway has been deleted, you can then create a new gateway.

  2. Create a new virtual network gateway.

    Use the following procedure to create a new gateway: Configure a Virtual Network Gateway in the Management Portal.

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