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Updated: June 16, 2015

Microsoft Azure Mobile Services is a Azure service offering designed to make it easy to create highly-functional mobile apps using Azure. Mobile Services brings together a set of Azure services that enable backend capabilities for your apps. Mobile Services provides the following backend capabilities in Azure to support your apps:

  • Simple provisioning and management of tables for storing app data.

  • Integration with notification services to deliver push notifications to your app.

  • Integration with well-known identity providers for authentication.

  • Granular control for authorizing access to tables.

  • Insertion of business logic into data access operations.

  • Integration with other cloud services.

  • Supports the ability to scale a mobile service instance.

  • Service monitoring and logging.

  • Extend your backend capabilities with third-party packages and resources.

Mobile Services provides two options for coding your backend business logic: JavaScript (node.js) or in a .NET language (Web API project).

In the Management Portal, you can perform the following Mobile Services tasks:

  • Create a new mobile service instance

    To add a new mobile service to your subscription, click the +New button and then click Mobile Service.

    For step-by-step help to create your first mobile service for an app, see Get started with Mobile Services (Windows Store / iOS / Android / HTML).

    By using Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 or a later release, you can also add a new mobile service project to an existing Visual Studio solution. For more information, see Quickstart: Add a mobile service (.NET backend).

  • Manage mobile service instances

    To view the list of mobile services in your subscription, click Mobile Services and then click the mobile service instance to manage.

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