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Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage Namespace

Updated: May 15, 2014

Class Description
AccessCondition Represents a set of access conditions to be used for operations against the storage services.
CloudStorageAccount Represents a Windows Azure Storage account.
DoesServiceRequestAttribute Specifies that the method will make one or more requests to the storage service.
NameValidator Provides helpers to validate resource names across the Microsoft Azure Storage Services.
OperationContext Represents the context for a request operation against the storage service, and provides additional runtime information about its execution.
RequestEventArgs Provides information and event data that is associated with a request event.
RequestResult Represents the result of a physical request.
ResultSegment Represents a result segment that was retrieved from the total set of possible results.
StorageException Represents an exception thrown by the Windows Azure storage service.
StorageExtendedErrorInformation Represents extended error information returned by the Windows Azure storage services.
StorageUri Contains the URIs for both the primary and secondary locations of a Windows Azure Storage resource.

Interface Description
IBufferManager An interface that allows clients to provide a buffer manager to a given service client. This interface is patterned after the System.ServiceModel.Channels.BufferManager class.
ICancellableAsyncResult Represents the status of an asynchronous operation and provides support for cancellation.
IContinuationToken An interface required for continuation token types.
IRequestOptions An interface required for request option types.

Enumeration Description
AuthenticationScheme Specifies the authentication scheme used to sign HTTP requests.
LogLevel Specifies what messages to output to the log.
StorageLocation Represents a storage service location.

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