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Get Help with SQL Data Sync

Updated: December 2, 2014


SQL Azure Data Sync Icon

SQL Data Sync (Preview) is an Azure service that enables you to easily synchronize geographically disbursed SQL Server databases and SQL Database instances. The topics in this section provide answers to questions and help with issues you might run into.

The Microsoft Azure SQL Data Sync plug-in on the Microsoft Azure Silverlight portal has been decommissioned. Going forward, use the Microsoft Azure Management portal, for Azure SQL Data Sync.

You access SQL Data Sync (Preview) via the SYNC tab under SQL Database at the Microsoft Azure Management portal. The SYNC tab is only available when you have one or more sync groups. See the topic How To: Create a Sync Group (SDS) for guidance on creating and modifying a sync group from this portal.

In This Section


Topic Description

SQL Data Sync FAQ

Frequently asked questions about SQL Data Sync (Preview).

SQL Data Sync Troubleshooting Guide

Help with fixing common SQL Data Sync (Preview) issues you might encounter.

SQL Data Sync (Preview) issues that we know about and their workarounds.

Channel 9 videos

Series of videos that introduce you to SQL Data Sync (Preview) and demonstrate how to use it for main scenarios.

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