Managing My Account

Are you a new subscriber?  Please follow the steps in the Getting started section first.

The My Account page shows the Visual Studio subscription(s) currently associated to your Microsoft account and the subscription benefits to which you have access. In the Account box, subscription details including Subscriber ID, subscription level, name and email address are displayed, as well as subscription status and expiration date. The Subscriber Benefits box shows the benefits that are available with your subscription.

Multiple Subscriptions

Some subscribers have multiple subscriptions associated to a single Microsoft account. These can be past expired subscriptions, or multiple active subscriptions (for instance, you may have a Visual Studio subscription for work and one for home). To switch between subscriptions, select the one you’d like to use from the Subscription drop-down menu. The subscription displayed by default can be changed by choosing Display this subscription by default.

Help with Subscriber Benefits

Some benefits included with your subscription enable you to use other Microsoft services, such as Microsoft Azure and Developer Accounts. These services often have their own support teams and support information that you can contact if you need. Connect with these help teams using the guidance below:

Visual Studio Team ServicesFor help with Visual Studio Team Services, check Support on the Visual Studio homepage.
Microsoft AzureFor help with the sign up process and with using Microsoft Azure, please check Microsoft Azure Support on the Microsoft Azure developer portal.
Windows and Phone Store developer accountsFor help with the Windows Store developer accounts, check Windows Store Support on the Windows Store developer portal.

For help with your Windows Phone Store developer account, check Windows Phone Dev Center Support.
Office 365 Developer SubscriptionFor help with your Office 365 Developer Subscription, check Support Resources on the MSDN Office Developer Center.
E-Learning CoursesFor help registering for e-learning courses, check My Learning Help on the Microsoft Learning site.
MSDN MagazineFor help with a magazine subscription, contact MSDN Magazine Customer Service.

Change Your Contact Information

If you acquired your Visual Studio subscription through Microsoft Volume Licensing, please contact your administrator to update the information on your account.

If you purchased your Visual Studio subscription at a retailer, such as the Microsoft Store, you can update your contact information by following these regional links:

North America | Europe, Middle East, or Africa | Asia-Pacific (except Japan) | Japan | Latin America

Change your Microsoft account

You can change the Microsoft account associated with your subscription directly from the My account page by following these steps:

  1. Choose Change Microsoft Account.
  2. Choose a temporary passphrase and select Continue.
  3. Login with your new Microsoft account.
  4. Enter your temporary passphrase and select Finish.

After completing these steps, you will be able to access your subscription using the Microsoft account entered in step 3. If you cancel at any point before completing step 4, your Microsoft account will remain unchanged.


  • This update will not cascade across subscriber benefits you previously activated, such as Microsoft Azure and Developer Accounts.  You’ll need to separately update the Microsoft account you use with those benefits or continue to use the original Microsoft account associated with the benefit. Contact the support resources in the table above for further information.
  • If you have multiple subscriptions associated with your Microsoft account, you’ll need to follow the steps above for each subscription you want to change by selecting it from the My Subscriptions menu on My Account.
  • To manage your Microsoft account, including password changes, please visit:

Expired subscriptions

The My Account page can show your subscription has expired. If so, you can renew by contacting your administrator, Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller, or retail customers can renew by clicking the Renew button.

If you’re not expecting that your subscription is expired, there could be a few causes:

  • Your Microsoft account has both active and expired subscriptions associated with it, and an expired subscription is being shown by default. To change the default subscription to an active subscription, select the active subscription from the drop-down list and choose the Display this subscription by default option. This will cause your active subscription to be shown by default.
  • Your old subscription has expired and your new subscription is not shown. If you receive a new subscription with a new Subscriber ID, then you will need to activate this subscription. You can make the new subscription your default by selecting it on the My Account page and clicking the Default button.
  • Your old subscription has expired and your new subscription is not associated to your Microsoft account. If you receive a new subscription with a new Subscriber ID, then you will need to  activate this subscription.

Removing a subscription

The My Account page enables you to remove a subscription from your Microsoft account so that it will no longer display on the My Account page.  Just select the subscription you wish to remove from the drop-down menu and click Remove.  The account information will remain unchanged and you can activate the subscription again using the same or a different Microsoft account.

Transferring a subscription

If your subscription was purchased through Microsoft Volume Licensing and you need to re-assign it to someone else within the organization, your administrator will need to do this through the Volume Licensing Visual Studio subscription administration tool.

Retail subscriptions can be transferred to a third party by contacting the Visual Studio Customer Service Center. Complimentary or “Not for Resale” subscriptions cannot be transferred.

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