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Generic synchronous errors

John Austin|Last Updated: 6/17/2016
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Some HTTP requests on UCWA resources can produce a response that indicates an error. This topic lists the common errors that can appear synchronously (in the HTTP response).

Applies to: Skype for Business 2015

The errors listed in the following table apply to most resources.

ApplicationNotFoundThe application resource does not exist.
BadRequestSomething is wrong with the entire request (malformed XML/JSON, for example).
DeserializationFailureThe request body could not be deserialized. Please check if the body confirms to allowed formats and does not have any invalid characters.
EntityTooLargeThe request is too large.
ExchangeServiceFailureExchange connectivity failure.
InactiveApplicationExpiredAn inactive application expired.
MethodNotAllowedThe requested HTTP method is not supported for this resource.
MobileApplicationNoLongerAllowedUser is no longer authorized for mobile applications.
ParameterValidationFailureA parameter value is not valid.
PreconditionFailedAn If-Match precondition was not met.
PreconditionRequiredThe operation requires an If-Match precondition.
ResourceNotFoundThe resource does not exist.
ServiceFailureInternal Server Error.
ServiceTimeoutInternal Server Error, remote timeout.
TooManyApplicationsThere are too many applications for this user.
UnsupportedMediaTypeThe content-type is not supported.
VersionNotSupportedRequested Version is not supported.
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