Porting Task Offload Services to NDIS 6.0

NDIS TCP/IP offload services enable the offloading of network data processing to offload-capable network interface cards (NICs). NDIS 6.0 supports two categories of TCP/IP offload services: task offload services that are enhanced forms of the NDIS 5.1 and earlier task offload services, and connection offload services. This section describes NDIS 5.1-to-NDIS 6.0 task offload porting issues and describes NDIS 6.0 support for configuring TCP/IP offload services.

This section includes:

NDIS 6.0 Task Offload Porting Issues

Offloading Checksum Tasks in NDIS 6.0

Offloading the Segmentation of Large TCP Packets in NDIS 6.0

Offloading Internet Protocol Security Tasks in NDIS 6.0

Offloading TCP/IP Connections in NDIS 6.0



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