Windows.UI.Text Namespace

Обеспечивает поддержку работы с текстовым содержимым.


Windows.UI.TextПространство имен имеет следующие типы членов:


Windows.UI.TextПространство имен имеет следующие классы.

FontWeights Provides a set of predefined font weights as static property values.
TextConstants Defines a set of constants that are used with various methods in the Windows.UI.Text namespace.



Windows.UI.TextПространство имен имеет эти перечисления.

CaretType Specifies the caret type.
FindOptions Specifies the options to use when doing a text search.
FontStretch Describes the degree to which a font has been stretched, compared to the normal aspect ratio of that font.
FontStyle Represents the style of a font face (for example, normal or italic).
FormatEffect Defines values that indicate the state of a character or paragraph formatting property.
HorizontalCharacterAlignment Specifies the horizontal position of a character relative to a bounding rectangle.
LetterCase Represents the character case formatting.
LineSpacingRule Specifies options for line-spacing rules.
LinkType Indicates the link type of a range of text.
MarkerAlignment Defines bullet and numbering alignment.
MarkerStyle Specifies the style used to mark the item paragraphs in a list.
MarkerType Specifies the kind of characters used to mark the item paragraphs in a list.
ParagraphAlignment Specifies values for aligning paragraphs.
ParagraphStyle Specifies the paragraph style.
PointOptions Defines options for specifying or retrieving a point.
RangeGravity Specifies the gravity for a text range.
SelectionOptions Describes the options that apply to a selection.
SelectionType Specifies the type of a selection.
TabAlignment Alignment options for tab positions.
TabLeader The character that is used to fill the space taken by a tab character.
TextGetOptions Specifies options for retrieving the text in a document or text range.
TextRangeUnit Specifies the units to use when navigating a text range.
TextScript Specifies the character repertoire (typically the script) for a run of character formatting.
TextSetOptions Specifies options for setting the text in a text range.
UnderlineType Specifies the type of character underlining.
VerticalCharacterAlignment Specifies the vertical position of a character relative to a bounding rectangle.



Windows.UI.TextПространство имен определяет эти интерфейсы.

ITextCharacterFormat Defines the default character formatting attributes of a document, or the current character formatting attributes of a text range.
ITextDocument Provides access to the content of a document, providing a way to load and save the document to a stream, retrieve text ranges, get the active selection, set default formatting attributes, and so on.
ITextParagraphFormat Defines the default paragraph formatting attributes of a document, or the current paragraph formatting attributes of a text range.
ITextRange Represents a span of continuous text in a document, and provides powerful editing and data-binding properties and methods that allow an app to select, examine, and change document text.
ITextSelection Represents the currently selected text of a document.



Windows.UI.TextПространство имен имеет следующие структуры.

FontWeight Refers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.



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Windows 8

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Windows Server 2012

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Windows::UI::Text [C++]





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