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pixelDepth property

Gets the number of bits per pixel that is used for colors on the destination device or buffer.

Internet Explorer 9




p = object.pixelDepth


Property values

Type: Integer

1, 4, 8, 15, 16, 24, 32

The number of bits per pixel, expressed as an integer, to use for the off-screen buffer. The value 15 specifies 16 bits per pixel, in which only 15 bits are used in a 5-5-5 layout of RGB values.

Standards information


If you retrieve the value of the pixelDepth property through a script, you can select an appropriate color to return to the browser.

If bufferDepth is 0 or -1, pixelDepth is equal to the bits-per-pixel value for the screen or printer.

If pixelDepth does not equal zero, pixelDepth is equal to colorDepth.

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