Use Marketplace Data and Apps

Обновлено: Февраль 2014 г.


Эмблема DataMarket

The Marketplace allows you to create and manage your account, find, preview, and subscribe to datasets, and more. To access the Marketplace, navigate your browser to the Azure Marketplace home page and sign-in with your Windows Live ID.


Topic Topic Description

Создание учетной записи Marketplace

Create your own Marketplace account.

Управление учетной записью Marketplace

Add, change, and delete your account keys.

Подписка на предложения Marketplace

Subscribe to an application or dataset.

Просмотр набора данных с помощью обозревателя служб

Use Service Explorer to query, visualize, and export a dataset.

Импорт данных Marketplace в PowerPivot

Guidance on how to get Marketplace into PowerPivot when you’re working in PowerPivot.

Импорт данных Marketplace в Power Query для Excel

Guidance on how to get Marketplace into Microsoft Power Query for Excel when you’re working in Power Query.

Импорт данных Marketplace в Excel

From Excel you can use Marketplace plug-in to import WAM data into Excel for analysis, all without leaving Excel.

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