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Adding Art, Music, and Other Game Assets

Describes game assets, such as bitmaps, models, textures, and sounds. These assets, a collection of data files used to support gameplay, are managed by the XNA Framework Content Pipeline.

This section discusses how you can manage the assets in a game project.

In This Section

Adding Content to a Game
Describes how to add and load content such as textures, meshes, sounds, and data in your game.
Game Content Project
Describes a project type designed to store all content for a game.
Game Content References
Describes the use of the Content References node within a game project.
How to: Add a Game Content Project
Describes the process to create a new content project in an XNA Game Studio solution.
How to: Add Game Assets to a Content Project
Demonstrates how to add an art asset to a game content project.
Game Asset Properties
Describes property settings, indicating which actions the project system should perform on a game asset file of a supported type.
SpriteFont and Content Pipeline Fallback Font Warnings
Describes issues regarding fallback font warnings issued by the content pipeline build process.
Adding New Content Types
Describes the architecture and features of the Content Pipeline, and how to add new content types.

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