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How to: Add Apps

List the applications you have developed that are built on or enhance Microsoft technologies. Be sure to review Understand Profile Guidelines to ensure your profile meets the necessary criteria for publishing.

A published Company Marketing Profile is required before you can publish your app.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Partner Center.

  2. Click the Apps tab on the navigation bar.

    • If you have not yet created an app, click the List an app button.

    • If you have already created an app, click + Add.

  3. Enter your App name and App type then click Add app.

  4. Complete the following:

    1. Properties – Enter all applicable information, especially the browse categories, including Business need, Works with these Microsoft products and technologies, and Applicable industries.

      For Customer resources, include only URLs that specifically reference the app and link to content that corresponds to the selected resource type.

    2. Language details – Enter your App name, Introduction, Description, and Screenshots for the languages you want your app details to be visible in. Introductions and descriptions must be written in the selected language.

    3. Pricing and availability – Choose whether your app is free or for purchase and select the countries where your app is available to consumers.

    4. Certifications – If you want to add certifications to your app, see How to: Add App Certifications.

  5. Once you have completed the above, you can Preview your app details and Submit for approval. Your app and your app details must be approved before they are published on Pinpoint or in other marketplaces.

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