Automate hosted applications using HAT automation activities

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) allows you to implement business rules and procedures through a unique process of designing a workflow or automation model composed of multiple elements (called activities) that describe the business process. Mais informações: Windows Workflow Foundation

In User Interface Integration (UII), you can use the WF workflows or automations to describe the business logic that drives the hosted applications. Automations in UII are WF assemblies or XAML that are executed by the UII Automation Manager. Automations drive hosted applications independent of their type.

The Toolkit de Aplicações Alojadas (HAT) Software Factory provides a set of workflow activities to drive automations that help you to automate hosted applications. The activities cover UII action, such as DoAction and SetContext, as well as the original WF activities to drive applications hosted via data-driven adapters (DDAs). If the automation activities provided by HAT don’t meet your development needs, you can extend them to fit your requirements.

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