Register/Unregister Action for Event

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This topic describes the events that can be registered/unregistered for an action.

The following UIA events can be registered for an action:

  • Element action events

  • Property change events:

    • Property change events require monitoring of the property for which the event needs to be raised. Base DDA does not support accepting the extra argument for retrieving the property name.

    • This is handled as part of data extensibility.

    • By default, the PropertyChange event looks for NameProperty and EnabledProperty.

  • Global desktop change events (application-level events)

  • Events

The following event names can be used to subscribe in the register/unregister activities:

For a Windows open/closed event, the parent control should be registered for the event. For menu Items, before registering for the event, the menu item should be visible in the UI. The corresponding Execute control needs to be done to make this visible. For an application main window, the following binding needs to be added: <UIElement type="ControlType.Window" name="ApplicationMainWindow" /> For the desktop, the following binding needs to be added: <UIElement StartFromDesktop="True" type="ControlType.Pane" name="Desktop">

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