Toolbars in Unified Service Desk

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Toolbars in Unified Service Desk para Microsoft Dynamics CRM hold and display a list of buttons with images and text. Clicking or tapping the buttons can execute one or more actions.

Here is the Main toolbar in one of the Unified Service Desk sample applications.

Main toolbar in Unified Service Desk

You configure toolbars in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Settings > Unified Service Desk > Toolbars area. Furthermore, each toolbar is attached to a Toolbar Container type of hosted control, which in turn is attached to a display area (panel) in Unified Service Desk. This is done to specify the panel where the toolbar will display in the client application.

The following image shows the existing toolbars in a Unified Service Desk sample application.

Toolbars in Unified Service Desk

Click any toolbar name under the Name column to view the buttons inside the toolbar, action calls for each button, and the toolbar container that the toolbar is attached to.

For an example of how to do this, click Main on the toolbars page.

  • Toolbar buttons: The toolbar page displays the buttons in the Main toolbar. The order of the buttons determines the placement of buttons from left to right in an ascending order. You can add, remove, or edit an existing button.

    Buttons in the main toolbar

  • Action calls for buttons: To view the action calls associated with a button, click any of the button names. For example, clicking Dashboard displays the following action calls for the button.

    Action calls for a toolbar button

  • Toolbar Container: To view the toolbar container hosted control associated with the Main toolbar, click the down arrow next to the Main toolbar on the nav bar, and select Hosted Controls.

    View the toolbar container

    The name of the toolbar container attached to the Main toolbar is displayed.

    Toolbar Container for the Main toolbar

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