Display hosted controls in the custom panel layout

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After you have created and loaded a custom panel layout in Unified Service Desk, you will need to specify the custom panel layout as the display group for your hosted controls. This is done using a special syntax:


In the above syntax:

  • PanelLayoutControlName: This is the name of your custom panel layout hosted control.

    Do not specify the Display Name of your custom panel layout control. If this parameter is not specified, it is assumed to be your main panel layout. A main panel layout is the only panel layout hosted control located on the MainWorkArea display group. The MainWorkArea display group is defined as USDDeckTabPanel, but loading more than one control on this panel is generally not desirable.

  • NameOfPanelInsideControl: This is the name of the panel inside your custom panel layout. See Panel types for the various panels that might be referenced here.

For example, if you want to configure a hosted control and display it on the MainPanel of your custom panel layout (MyUSDCustomPanelLayout), you will specify the following for as the Display Group value for the new hosted control: MyUSDCustomPanelLayout/MainPanel

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